Charles and Cynthia Turner

Business Owner

District 8 Resident

"I have lived on the East side of Athens since 1985, where I worked in the Clarke County School System for 27 years, raised my family, and now I am a small business owner, CAT Sports & Marketing Group. It is always good to see former students go and do well, such as Kamau Hull. I am extremely proud of Kamau. My wife and I enthusiastically endorse Kamau's candidacy for District 8 Commissioner. 

Be Safe! Vote KAMAU HULL...District 8 Commissioner." 

Jim and Sidney Waters

Eastside Business Owners

District 8 Residents

I've owned a restaurant in District 8 for 37 years, Mama Sid's Pizza. I believe that the same concerns I have for Eastside are best represented by the campaign of Kamau. Growing up on the Eastside he understands the attitude of the city towards us..always a stepchild. Never comes first. Our needs must be addressed. I've lived on the Eastside almost 43 years, 37 years in District 8. I've known Kamau since he was in high school. He will always be honest and forthright.

Please vote Kamaul Hull"

Rebecca Jones Floyd


District 8 Resident

"I am happy to endorse Kamau Hull for District 8 Commissioner.  As a teacher in CCSD, I see firsthand the many challenges people in our community face. I believe that Kamau will fight for the kids and families I see struggling daily.  He is a lifelong Athenian who truly understands the deeper issues plaguing our town.  As a music teacher, I am particularly excited about his emphasis on youth programs and enrichment opportunities.  Programs like these can change a child's trajectory in life.  We need a strong positive advocate on the East Side, and I believe Kamau Hull is that voice!"

Supporters from around Athens know that

Kamau Hull is the best candidate

to bridge the divide in Athens and build an Athens where

everyone can succeed, not just survive.

Destiny Favors

UGA Student

District 8 Resident

"Although I've only known Kamau for a year, I can truly say he's an amazing person who genuinely cares about the Athens community. He's been here for the majority of his life and I believe he can make a change as District 8's Commissioner. With him in office, the people's voice will be heard and answered."​

Malcolm Palmore 


District 8 Resident

" I have worked with Attorney Kamau Hull for several years. He's a young man that I trust. I have found him to be honest, hardworking and exceptional in every sense of the word. I strongly endorse Kamau Hull for District 8 County Commissioner.  "

Todd and Jody Graichen

Educator & Nonprofit Coordinator

District 8 Residents

"We have known Kamau Hull for years as a family friend, neighbor, and school-parent. He can always be counted on to facilitate communication, provide a sounding board for new ideas, and offer a reasoned and fair approach to problem-solving. Kamau is a credit to our community and would represent the East Side with history, invested interest, and an eye toward the future."

Cshanyse Allen, DNP, MSN, RN

Health Care Executive

Eastside Business Owner

"When supporting a candidate, I want someone who represents the values that I hold dear.  Values such as courage and resilience. When Kamau ran for the Board of Education a few years ago, he saw a gap that needed filling to give representation for the most looked over in our community. He lost by thirty votes and that did not stop him. He did not let the loss change who he was. He picked up his boots and continued to pound the pavement and work to make our city a great one and give a voice to the voiceless. When I am choosing a local candidate, it is important to me to have someone who is relatable, transparent and will vote what is best for their constituents not what is popular at the moment.  For these reasons,  I support  Kamau Hull for Commissioner District 8.   Kamau emulates these values and works hard to make Athens a better place.  He loves and respects his community. I trust his leadership. I admire his resilience. I respect his mission of working to make things better for others regardless of their social status. I support Kamau Hull for Commissioner of District 8.  #HullYeah!"​

Debra Finch


Eastside Resident & Business Owner

"I want to go on record as endorsing A. Kamau Hull for District 8 County Commissioner. Kamau is a local business leader who grew up in Athens and returned with his wife, Nicole, to establish their own successful firm. He does not hesitate to lend a helping hand to those in need in our community. Despite his many professional accomplishments, I would describe Kamau as a person with a humble spirit and a servant's heart.  He genuinely cares about our community and the people who live and work here and their children.  As someone who has lived and worked on the Eastside of Athens for many years, I am thrilled that someone of Kamau's caliber and character is running for this seat. He has my full support."

Amelia Melendez

Retail District Manager

District 8 Resident

"I am happy to be able to endorse my old friend, Kamau Hull, as a candidate for the District 8 seat on the Clarke County Commission. Kamau and I have been friends for over 25 years and I know him to be an honest and hardworking advocate for justice, opportunity, and equality for all the citizens of Athens. As a life-long resident of the Eastside, Kamau knows the particular needs of the constituents here and stands to champion those causes. His campaign motto says that he is the best candidate to “bridge the divide”, and I believe that to be true. Kamau has my vote and I hope that he will have yours, too."

Kanika Barnett-Jewell, M.Ed


Athens Resident

"In any election, I support the candidate whose beliefs, morals, and goals align with my own. Even though they are sometimes hard to discern, I look for other qualities like honesty and follow through. Do they readily admit when they are wrong and then put in the effort to make the situation right? Are they comfortable saying they have limited knowledge about something but will learn about it and then actually put in the time and effort to become knowledgeable? Are they willing to bend on something if it is for the betterment of all people? When faced with injustice and pressure from others to hide it or do nothing, will they stand up and be a voice for those whose voices are silenced? When there is division among the people they are seeking to represent, do they actually do things in an effort to unify the community? Do their actions reflect the words they speak when they think no one is watching? When I ask these questions in regards to Kamau Hull, the answer to each is an unequivocal YES! This is why I enthusiastically support A. Kamau Hull as District 8 Commissioner!" #HullYes

Ruby Basham

Parent on Local School Governance Team

District 8 Resident

"While serving on a Local School Governance Team, I saw the reality of Athens as a city divided and the impact this division has on opportunities for children. Kamau Hull has strong ties to many different parts of Athens and is tuned into the voices of our most marginalized stakeholders. He is a civic leader with the necessary drive, intellect, and bravery to help Athenians coalesce around ideas and initiatives that can lift us all up. And, he is the only candidate with a lifetime of East Athens experience. His vision for a unified Athens is inspiring and attainable. Please help make him the next District 8 Commissioner."

Marvin J. Nunnally


Athens Resident

"I have know Kamau Hull since he was born. He has always had a strong commitment to family, community, and the advancement of all. He has always excelled academically throughout his life. He is a community leader for ALL. His keen insight for the advancement of the entire Athens-Clarke County citizens and growth will pay benefits for the future. We need this young man to be apart of structuring the growth of the community. He is a bridge-builder and will address the concerns of all. His spiritual maturity gives him compassion for others. Athens, we need this young man and this is why I encourage voters to vote for Kamau Hull for District 8 Board of Commissioners."

Andiasean Johnson

Gym Manager

Athens Resident

"Born and raised in Athens, he understands what this town needs to move forward."


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